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At Rinox we pride ourselves in our industry leading customer service, vibrant colors, superior product quality and our lifetime warranty.

Rinox offers a lifetime warranty for all its concrete products provided that the products are used and installed according to standard building codes, Rinox installation guidelines and/or accredited association installation guides (ICPI, NCMA, AEMQ). The Rinox lifetime warranty is provided to the original owner with proof of purchase. It is applicable solely on Rinox products and excludes all labour and installation fees. If it is determined that a product is covered under warranty, Rinox will replace the product only (excluding all labour).

There are no warranties or guaranties, expressed or implied, of any nature whatsoever, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to this product.


Installation of OVER 100 SQ.FT OF product constitutes product TEXTURE and COLOR acceptance. The customer is encouraged to pick and install from multiple skids under the same lot to ensure proper color dispersion. Rinox produces its concrete products from natural materials and slight variations in color may occur; therefore Rinox is not responsible for any variation in color.

Efflorescence (small white crystals that may form on the surface of concrete products) is a naturally occurring process that dissipates over time. Chemicals can accelerate the aging process, however natural weathering is recommended.

While our wetcast product line (Alternative Masonry products, certain Masonry products, and certain Landscaping products) does conform to the latest Canadian and U.S.A. standards, we do not suggest the use of sodium chloride on such products.


The colors of the products shown in this brochure are as accurate as the photographs will allow. We strongly recommend that you make your final color selection based on an actual product sample rather than on the photographs shown here.